Milky Way
Photography Workshops

Featured in 'Visit California' Magazine

Featured in 'Visit California' Magazine

april thru september

1 NIGHT in JOshua Tree
all skill levels welcome

Scheduled during the summer months near the New Moon phase when the night skies are their darkest. Spend the night exploring the park and the night skies in Joshua Tree. An excellent introduction to Night-photography for beginners, and an excellent location for experienced photographers to take their craft to the next level.


workshop includes

  • Overnight session - Starts 2 hours before sunset - Ends 11am next day

  • Sunset/Landscape photography session in the park

  • Milky Way Photography training

  • Optimal camera settings for ISO / Aperture / Exposure / Color temperature

  • Night-photography in the park

  • Panorama photographic techniques

  • Night-Lighting techniques

  • You will learn how to make Star Trail images

  • Overview of Astronomy topics relevant to Night Photography

  • Post-Processing training on Adobe Lightroom "Classic"

General itinerary*

  • 5pm - Workshop starts (a few hours before sunset)

  • Landscape/Sunset Photography Session in the Park

  • Dinner (Local Restaurant)

  • Night / Milky Way Photography Session in the Park (9pm-midnight)

  • Return to B&B around midnight to get some sleep

  • 8am -Next Morning - Lite Breakfast and Lightroom Classic Training

  • 11am - Workshop ends

  • * subject to change based upon the month

  • * We generally schedule our overnight Milky Way workshops Sunday-Thursday because the park is less crowded during those times.

PRICE - $399 (USD) per photographer (includes B&B lodging)


  • you can request a date now - or decide later (subject to availability)

  • we will email you a gift certificate for you to print out.


You will learn how to make star trail images


You must be able to hike for 1/2 mile with your equipment and be able to do some light bouldering (similar to climbing on a step ladder).

Camera Equipment

Check our gear guides

Featured in 2018 'Visit California' Magazine

This workshop requires that you have a DLSR (or Mirrorless) camera which allows for manual settings of Aperture, Exposure Duration and ISO. The camera should support interchangeable lenses - FAST (F2.8 or faster) and WIDE (20MM or wider, 14MM is preferable) are best for nighttime photography (lenses can be rented on-line at You will also need a tripod. You can bring a laptop (for processing your images). Once you've registered, you will receive a preparation guide and a list of useful apps for night photography.

*B&B Lodging - Private Room / Queen Bed / Common Bathroom in Joshua Tree. There is no charge for non-photographer spouses to attend the workshop and to stay in the private B&B room.