Gear Guides


This section lists my equipment recommendations
for landscape, astro-photography and timelapse.


Today's photographic challenges require a full-frame sensor to capture the most detail, coupled with a wide-angle lens - full-frame cameras create stunning detail in both Astro and Landscape photography.


wide angle lenses

These days, 'wide' angle lenses are the perfect solution to many photographic challenges. Adding a wide lens will instantly open up new creative opportunities for both landscape and astro-photography.  


astro & night photography

One of the great joys of photography is capturing the night sky. Here is the equipment I use when seeking the Milky Way. 


protective clothing

If you want to get great images and timelapse sequences - you need to head out into the wilderness. Be prepared!  Tennis shoes and denim pants will not protect you out there. 



Timelapse has developed into it's own form of expression - worldwide. The good news it that the price of the gear has come down considerably - making state-of-the-art  "Motion Control" accessible to a wider audience. 



Tripods are one of the most important purchases you can make - after choosing your camera system. Make sure to choose a good tripod, but there is no need to break the bank!!


phone apps

Software is now a critical component of the photography process - before, during and in post-processing. These are the apps I use frequently. 


More Gear Guides coming soon!