Timelapse Master Class
w/Motion Control Training
(Kessler Crane Second Shooter)

Provided: Kessler Crane "Second Shooter" Programmable 3-Axis (Slide + PAN + Tilt) unit

Includes 5 Nights B&B Lodging in joshua tree

Fully immerse yourself in Joshua Tree while diving deep into the timelapse workflow - 5 nights and 6 days of non-stop training and filming.

Taught by award winning filmmaker Casey Kiernan, Founder/Festival Director for the "Timelapse Film Festival".  

For beginners and experienced photographers alike. 

Class size limited to 2.


  • 5 Night Lodging and Breakfast included - in Joshua Tree, California

  • Training on the entire Timelapse Adobe RAW Workflow

  • Lightroom "Classic" CC> LRTimelapse (rendering) [-> After Effects (optional RAW rendering)] -> Premiere Pro (Movie Composition)
    (See notes below)

  • Optimal Camera and Intervalometer Setup, including lens selection

  • Daily/Nightly Filming sessions in the park and surrounding areas.

  • Complete post-processing training - using the Adobe CC Workflow

  • Includes training on Motion Control

    • Motion Control 'Slider' provided (or bring your own)

  • Timelapse Theory and optimal shutter speed / aperture selection

  • Training on optimal RAW settings and processing

PRICE: $1999.00 (USD) per photographer
includes 5-night B&B lodging in joshua tree

Timelapse software tools used during workshop

We use Adobe Lightroom “Classic” CC (You can use the trial version ) and LRTimelapse (You can use the free version). Adobe After Effects (for rendering of RAW files) is optional, but preferred. For movie making (Audio + Visuals + Transitions) I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, but you can use iMovie for free (on the MacOS). Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro have trial versions, but require the full Adobe Subscription after the end of the trial period. You are welcome to bring Apple Final Cut Pro instead of Premiere Pro, but I am not an expert on its use.

LRTimelapse (required, there is a  free version )

(required, there is a free version)

Lightroom “Classic” CC (required) For Image Processing

Lightroom “Classic” CC
(required) For Image Processing

After Effects (optional) For RAW Rendering of individual clips

After Effects (optional) For RAW Rendering of individual clips

Premiere Pro (recommended) Movie Making (Audio + Visuals + Transitions)

Premiere Pro (recommended) Movie Making (Audio + Visuals + Transitions)

note: we can schedule these workshops anytime (based upon availability). contact us and we will get you scheduled! 


Recommended Camera Equipment

Check our gear guides

Our timelapse workshops require that you have a DLSR (or Mirrorless) camera which allows for manual settings of Aperture, Exposure duration and ISO. 

The camera should support interchangeable lenses - FAST (F2.8 or faster) and WIDE (20MM or wider, 14MM is preferable) are best for nighttime photography (lenses can be rented on-line). You will also need a tripod and an Intervalometer (or a camera which supports Intervalometer functions natively in the camera). You will also need to bring a laptop (for processing your sequences). Once you've registered, you will receive a preparation guide and a list of useful apps for the workshop.

Kessler Crane Second-Shooter Motion Control “Sliders” are provided.