Introduction to Timelapse
Weekend Workshops

Includes 2 nights B&B lodging in joshua tree

A quick introduction to timelapse filming and post-production. Covers the timelapse workflow using LRTimelapse and Lightroom "Classic" CC. For beginners & experienced photographers. 

Class size limited to 2. 

Workshop includes

  • 2 Nights Lodging & Breakfast included in Joshua Tree, California

  • Training on Timelapse Filming and Workflow

  • Lightroom "Classic" CC -> LRTimelapse (Processing and Rendering)
    (See notes below)

  • Optimal Camera and Intervalometer Setup, including lens selection

  • Daily/Nightly Filming sessions in the Park and surrounding areas.

  • Timelapse Theory and optimal shutter speed / aperture selection

  • Training on optimal RAW setting

Price: $699.00 (USD) per photographer

Timelapse software tools used during workshop

We use Adobe Lightroom “Classic” CC (You can use the trial version ) and LRTimelapse (You can use the free version).

LRTimelapse  - Timelapse processing and rendering

LRTimelapse - Timelapse processing and rendering

Lightroom “Classic” CC - for Image Processing

Lightroom “Classic” CC - for Image Processing


note: we can schedule these workshops anytime - even during the week (based upon availability). contact us and we will get you scheduled! 

Recommended Camera Equipment

Check our gear guides

Our timelapse workshops require that you have a DLSR (or Mirrorless) camera which allows for manual settings of Aperture, Exposure duration and ISO. The camera should support interchangeable lenses - FAST (F2.8 or faster) and WIDE (20MM or wider, 14MM is preferable) are best for nighttime photography (lenses can be rented on-line). You will also need a tripod and an Intervalometer (or a camera which supports Intervalometer functions natively in the camera). You will also need to bring a laptop (for processing your sequences). Once you've registered, you will receive a preparation guide and a list of useful apps for the workshop.