Protective Gear

You need to make sure to protect yourself when you head out to get those amazing shots - during an all night trek into the wilderness. You can't be creative if you are freezing!


These tents are absolutely amazing! They "pop-ip" in less than 5 seconds! and they break down in less than a minute. Perfection!!!

This jacket provides true insulation in a very light-weight form factor. The insulation is a mix of goose down and synthetics. It is quite amazing - coupled with the Gore-Tex shell above. 


Keen makes some great hiking boots. They are rugged and durable. Do NOT go out hiking - carrying your expensive camera gear - in regular tennis shoes.  Tennis shows are not designed to provide support - or warmth - or protection from water. You need to be sure-footed out there - and you want to keep your feet warm. 

Everyone wears a jacket when they go outside, but when it gets cold and windy - you need to protect your legs. Regular hiking pants or denim provide no protection from a cold winter night - especially when it gets even a little windy. 

If you are going anywhere near snow or ice - or sub-zero temperatures - you need Sorels. You can't focus on being creative if your toes are freezing! 

more accessories coming soon